Kandiyan Rural Eco-Handicrafts: A family Business

This is a well-established family business in Kandy, Sri Lanka and it is register business entity (Jayomaa Business Group (Pty) Limited)with the Government of Sri Lanka. Kandy is a World Heritage City that houses Dalada Maligawa (Temple of Buddha’s Tooth). Moreover, Kandy is surrounded by a forest, mountains, rivers and ancient handicraft-villages where rural women and men create magnificent products that could bring beauty, happiness and peace to our houses since 6th century B.C.

Our family caries the ancient traditional rural knowledge of Sri Lankan rural eco handicrafts and tourism business that were passed through the generation by generation. The director board members are her children who hold top level professional jobs in Sri Lanka and abroad.

The chairperson is a rural women who is well versed in traditional handicrafts. And she could receive hands-on training from her parents and relatives.

Most Sacred Temple of Tooth (Dalada Maligawa ) in the City of Kandy, Sri Lanka